Change Log

Change Log – 09-21-2023


  • Updated branding
  • Created categories.
  • Implemented the Discourse WordPress comment plugin and styled it.

New Wiki

  • I’ve started to move to Bookstack which is a self hosted wiki.
  • This will be essentially a WordPress Wiki covering everything about WordPress in multiple topics.
  • Article are great, but a wiki is essentially a wealth of knowledge that is easy to digest.
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Change Log 09-19-2023

  • I’ve done some house-cleaning on the site.
    • It’s using a theme Squaretype, which is a great theme. But after digging around in it custom post types are completely ignored. So, I am still having to whip up the child theme code. But hopefully, the live blog is now better.
    • The home page is improved.
    • Still need to figure out how to handle drafts better.
  • I am still trying to move live blogs over from so that the content can be indexed and comments can be made.
  • Launched Discourse Community Forums!
    • You can sign up here at
    • The goal is for this to be always public and indexed by search engines. There’s a ton of great information in this Facebook group. But Google can’t see it, and that sucks for those that don’t know about this community.
    • I still think there is a place for a smaller, more intimate community discussion. I just don’t know where that is.
    • Hoping to move comments to Discourse.
    • Facebook will always be here.
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