Change Log

Changelog 03-27-2024

Hello, and happy New Year (little late). I haven’t done much to Managing WP as a whole since the last update in 2023. But here’s some small highlights.


I’ve dropped into Discord and made some improvements with the overall structure. Roles, channels and community onboarding. Check it out, some things to come.

  • Annoucements of service outages, automated and post specific. If you want to help add to the annoucements, reach out.
  • Announcements for Managing WP new posts and new forum posts!
  • I’ve added a ton of voice channels. I will be putting up an event for chill and chat Fridays.

Chill and Chat Fridays

This will be a weekly event on Friday at 5:00PM EST on Discord. Drop by!

Managing WordPress
Check out the Managing WordPress community on Discord – hang out with 54 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
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Change Log – 09-21-2023


  • Updated branding
  • Created categories.
  • Implemented the Discourse WordPress comment plugin and styled it.

New Wiki

  • I’ve started to move to Bookstack which is a self hosted wiki.
  • This will be essentially a WordPress Wiki covering everything about WordPress in multiple topics.
  • Article are great, but a wiki is essentially a wealth of knowledge that is easy to digest.
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Change Log 09-19-2023

  • I’ve done some house-cleaning on the site.
    • It’s using a theme Squaretype, which is a great theme. But after digging around in it custom post types are completely ignored. So, I am still having to whip up the child theme code. But hopefully, the live blog is now better.
    • The home page is improved.
    • Still need to figure out how to handle drafts better.
  • I am still trying to move live blogs over from so that the content can be indexed and comments can be made.
  • Launched Discourse Community Forums!
    • You can sign up here at
    • The goal is for this to be always public and indexed by search engines. There’s a ton of great information in this Facebook group. But Google can’t see it, and that sucks for those that don’t know about this community.
    • I still think there is a place for a smaller, more intimate community discussion. I just don’t know where that is.
    • Hoping to move comments to Discourse.
    • Facebook will always be here.
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