Enhance Caveats, Limitations and Issues

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  • No Netdata Intergration, I plan to make a guide soon.
  • There isn’t a native NewRelic integration, I plan to make a guide soon.
  • No xdebug Integration, I plan to make a guide soon.

    Backups – S3 Backups Don’t Support Streaming

    The S3 backups create a backup of a site, before pushing it to the S3 endpoint. If you have a server with 80GB of storage, and your site takes up 60GB, you will run out of space and the backup won’t continue. Even with compression, this isn’t a good method.

    There is also no pre-flight checks for S3 backups.


    Backups – No Backup Configuration

    There is no option to change the configuration of backups, for instance if you want to do hourly or every 12 hours.


    Documentation – No Documentation of appcd-cli @ 2024-04

    You can do lots with appcd-cli, never having to login to the Enhance control panel. It’s not documented however, so I asked why?

    appcd-cli isn’t currently documented but it will be soon, it’s being redeveloped so it can run locally on the web server.

    appcd-cli change-webserver lite-speed



    WordPress – Linux Cron running WordPress Cron results in Failed Emails

    This one is an easy one and hopefully it gets fixed soon, as well as a log for the WordPress cron runs.


      Change Log

      • 07-05-2024 – Reformatted article.
      • 06-28-2024 – Added netdata integration thread.
      • 06-27-2024 – Added log rotation and mysql logs outside of docker container.

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