Building your own Home Lab

When you can get 2.5G symmetrical upload and download internet service, self hosting is pretty awesome. It’s getting easier, but it’s like any hobby, you don’t want to be messing with it when your life is already packed with other things.

The first step is to get something similar to a Synology, the only reason I suggest a Synology is because it’s fisher price level storage. You can go to the store today, purchase one, fill it with drives and follow many tutorials online and get rolling quickly.

You can then use their many applications to start storing files, photos and other data. You can even backing up your Google/One Drive and then ship it to iDrive or Backblaze for secondary backups for cheap.

Add in a UPS, and feed your router and Synology, you can even have the Synology shutdown safely if you connect the UPS via USB. Toss in a tri fuel generator, and you’ve got your own little datacenter 🙂

The next major step, that is harder is building out your own VM server. There’s a ton of 1L PC’s (small book like desktops) that are low power and you can install something like Proxmox using a USB key. From there you have a UI to build servers, and eventually get into running docker using something like podman or portainer. Docker is a beast that make some people pull their hair out, it’s not easy, but once you get the hang of it you can deploy so many awesome applications.

A couple of good resources for Home Labbing.

Serve The Home – Youtube


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