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Cloudflare Recommended Settings and Caveats

Introduction The following article stemmed from a Facebook post in which Alexander van Aken posted his recommendations for Cloudflare settings. I’ve updated those to define where the settings are located correctly and any caveats you might run into. DNS DNSSEC -> Enabled No caveats at this time. SSL/TLS Overview SSL/TLS…
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WP-CLI Doctor Command: An Essential Tool for WordPress Troubleshooting

Introduction The WP-CLI Doctor Command is a powerful tool that helps diagnose and troubleshoot issues with your WordPress site. It performs a series of checks and offers recommendations to help you identify and resolve problems, including outdated plugins and themes, server configuration issues, and more. In this article, we’ll explore…
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Running Cyberpanel in a Docker Image

Introduction The following article will detail how you can run CyberPanel in a docker container. Installing Cyberpanel in Docker I haven’t started this article, so please check back. CyberPanel Forum Post The following was posted on the Cyberpanel forum and was taken down, I scrapped it from archive.org qtwrk March…
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Cleaning out WordPress Crons

Introduction If you ever wondered if there is a need to clean out your WordPress crons, you’d be correct. Sometimes, WordPress crons are leftover from previous plugins due to several situations. But how do you clean them out? You can go one by one and figure out which cron belongs…
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Choosing an Email Provider: Free and Cheapest to Most Expensive

Introduction The following is a list of email providers that are free and cheapest to most expensive. Gmail Send As Instructions In this article, Gmail Send As will be mentioned. Instead of repeating the instructions multiple times throughout this article, here are the instructions once. To send, you need to…
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Troubleshooting 7G Firewall on GridPane

Introduction Someone was trying to whitelist a specific query that was being blocked by 7G firewall on GridPane. Unfortunately, they were using $args versus $request, the following code snippet shows how to bypass specific queries and also print out debug headers for troubleshooting. Code Snippet # ————— # # Notes….
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