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Vultr vs Hetzner | Faster Cores or More Cores?

Until now I have been provisioning VultrHF servers, as Ubuntu 22 wasn’t available yet on custom servers, but now they are, so I was curious about Hetzner servers.

I wanted to know how much server I could get for around $6.
1 vCPU/1GB VultrHF is $6/month
2vCPU/2GB Hetzner CPX11 costs €4,35 per month.

Disclaimer: I am a total load testing n00b.

I did a 1 test for both websites and the differences were quite big. Double the number of response counts, half the avarage load time for Hetzner.

So, is this due to double the RAM? Double the CPU count?
Are more (Hetzner) cores better than faster (Vultr) cores?
For even a bit less $$ than Vultr, Hetzner seems like a no brainer, even with slower cores.

1 vCPU/1GB VultrHF is $6/month

Don’t bother, with 1vCPU/1GB unless you’re running a light hosting stack. GridPane is clean, but not light. You’d have to do a custom build to get the most out of this instance.

It’s recommended at least 2vCPU/2GB.

Now on the 2GB Hetzner, load is 0.00 – 0.01 – 0.00, MEM is 51% and Swap is 8,5%. And it’s cheaper :smiley:

Case in point, you have two threads for the operating system to send tasks versus one. So overall load is going to be better, versus a single busy thread doing all the work.

Your swap should be 0%, if there is any consunption at all, then something has exceeded memory and is swapping to disk which is a death wish.

So I guess more cores is better than faster cores.

Do you know what the Vultr HF cores were and the Hetzner CPX31? The following command will tell you, but providers sometimes mask /proc/cpuinfo

Hetzner CPX11 and CPX31

  • Shared CPU instances, watch out for CPU steal.
  • Best price-performance ratio with Intel® Xeon® Gold or AMD EPYC™ 7002 series Processors.
  • Theres two Intel Gold’s 2019(Icelake)/2017(Skylake) processors.
  • Epyc 7002 2019 comes in different configs, with +/- 3Ghz

Vultr HF – Powered by 3GHz+ Intel Xeon CPUs and NVMe SSD.

We know VultrHF, but what’s your Hetzner box? I’m thinking Hetzner is just better CPU’s either golds or epyc.