GridPane Caveats

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I’ve created this page to track the caveats I’ve found in the GridPane platform.


Server Cloning

  • Doesn’t copy over log files from any sites.
  • Server level configs.


Blocking wp-version aka WordPress Version

This might seem like a logical feature to enable based on the definition.

This changes your WordPress version to WordPress 42. The change is purely cosmetic and won’t impact your ability to update core/themes/plugins etc, but will prevent bots from being able to access your actual WordPress version and attack you based on known vulnerabilities.

However, there are instances where this will break plugins. So just be aware before you enable this. Here’s the code GridPane uses.

remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');
add_filter('the_generator', '__return_empty_string');

function the_answer() {
        global $wp_version;
        $wp_version = '42';
add_action('init', 'the_answer');
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