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WP Time Capsule

Backup Reporting and Alerts

Right now, there is an issue with how backup failures are reported. You get a single email when they fail, but not when they start working again nor do you get a report every week on the overall account status. To me, this isn’t really acceptable, there should be more monitoring for backups. They’re important.


There is no API and no plan for an API. This also makes it impossible to monitor your own backups.


I’ve been working on a project trying to get a credits system setup with WooCommerce subscriptions. A weekly subscription get’s $100 of credit to use in the store, when the subscription renews they get another $100 of credit.

I tried out WooCredits, it works great if you have orders for credit only usage and doesn’t require shipping. However, if you add additional paid products or the order requires shipping then there is no way to pay unless you have credits.

Their support is also rather slow to respond.

Ultimate Dashboard

Great plugin for modifying the admin menu, but the admin pages feature is lacking and actually broken from what I can tell. Supposedly you can use Elementor, but formatting is broken. Emailed their team.