Investigating Load Issues (GridPane)

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Disable XMLRPC

You can do so easily with a single SSH commandCopy

gp site {site.url} -disable-xmlrpc

Enable Fail2Ban for WordPress Login Attacks

Enable fail2ban for WordPress sites under login attacks.Copy

gp stack -enable-fail2ban-jail wp-login 5 1200
gp site {site.url} -enable-wp-fail2ban


In these situations, it’s always good to fire up something that goes through your Nginx logs. A good tool is GoAccess

However, it’s going to analyze your logs and report back versus real-time analysis. That’s where you could use ngxtop

But ngxtop doesn’t allow for multiple files to be used. So you can’t see all your sites on your server and what they’re doing.

You could ship the logs to a service that would provide you further details and be slightly on-demand. However it won’t take into consideration if a single request or two requests are causing a load.

In-fact all of the above options will only show you if you have a client sending too many requests.

If you want to see if a single or multiple requests are increasing the load on your server. Newrelic would be the best bet.


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