GridPane Perfect Setup


Start with caching! It will save you resources like no other.

Caching Options


  • Pro’s
    • Preferred by GridPane
    • Works well and fast!
    • Great for static sites.
  • Con’s
    • Contact forms break
      • wp_nonce will fail due to set $cache_ttl 2592000; as the default.
      • This is the full page cache expiry time.
      • Its in seconds, so its 30 days
      • Can be fixed with SSH command. Set TTL to 12 hours so wp_nonce works well.
gp stack nginx redis -site-cache-valid 43200
  • Nginx Helper isn’t mature
    • You’ll find you need to purge your cache more often after updates.
    • WordPress plugins that do updates to the site automatically will fail.

Open Litespeed


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