Speeding up WooCommerce with the WP Intense Scalability Pro Plugin

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WP Intense and Dave Hilditch

You may or may not have heard of Dave Hilditch, he’s behind WP Intense, a company with several performance plugins. He’s also talked at WordCamp.

What is Scalability Pro?

Here’s a blurb from the WP Intense website.

Scalability Pro is our core WordPress optimisation plugin. As we complete performance analysis jobs for clients, we add optimisations for various themes and third-party plugins into Scalability Pro.

Essentially Dave and his team have identified many poorly written MySQL database queries in the core of WordPress and popular plugins and themes. They’ve then rewritten the MySQL database queries to be more performant and used the Scalability Pro plugin to modify the queries.

Scalability Pro’s Improved Database Queries and Functions

Here’s a list of some problematic queries Scalability Pro has improved.

  • Front-end shop pages containing products.
  • Removing queries that require full table scans.
  • Options to disable slow WooCommerce and WordPress features
  • Adds indexes to problematic WordPress tables, therefore, optimizing MySQL database queries.
  • Options to disable, change or micro cache slow WordPress/WooCommerce/Import functions.

What Scalability Pro can’t Improve

Scalability Pro isn’t the ultimate solution to every performance issue within WordPress and WooCommerce. You still have to remember that there are issues it can’t solve.

  1. Slow and restrictive Web Hosting – Ensure you have appropriate-sized hosting that isn’t throttled.
  2. Product Variations – If you have many product variations, you will need to look at using an object cache, product rules or product add-ons.
  3. WooCommerce Filters – Dave’s team has tried multiple WooCommerce product filter plugins and has yet to find one that was created with performance in mind.

Purchase Scalability Pro

We endorse David Hilditch, WP Intense and their Scalability Pro plugin. We stand behind those we support due to their community contributions and quality work.


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