The Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting WordPress Issues

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It’s happened to us all; we have an issue with a WordPress site and can’t figure out the root problem. So then we put on our troubleshooting hat to see if we can resolve the issue and end up burning hours and hours.

This guide is a checklist to help you track down issues with your WordPress site and ultimately try and find the root cause.

1. Disable or Bypass Cloudflare, Quic.Cloud and other CDN’s

This is a 50/50 fork in the road, doing this first will save you a ton of wasted time simply disabling plugins and changing settings.

  • Turn off proxying at Cloudflare, but beware that DNS changes ultimately take time to propagate.
  • Change your hosts file on Windows notepad (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) or macOS using Gasmask. You can also modify your DNS server on your local network or install a custom DNS resolver on your local machine and use it for DNS resolution. Using a second machine makes this super easy.
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