WebWhim Peer Review


There is a blog post that has been floating around various WordPress groups from a site called “webwhim”. It started off small and then turned into a massive 33418 word post. It’s massive to say the least. It has some great information and some that is questionable. This is my peer review of the post, with some criticism.

Lots of information, poor Structure!

If you get time to sit down and read the post, you’ll find a couple issues right away. The table of contents is small, rendering it useless. The post covers so many topics, some should be separated into their own post. The subject changes throughout the post leaving the reader confused.

The post is bloated, and not concise in what it’s trying to say. You’ll notice that 30% of the post is simply words that

Overall the structure and content is unorganized to say the least. The article is also very bloated, and not concise in what it’s trying to say. You’ll notice that 30% of the article is simply words that

There is a common mention of the company “MechanicWeb” throughout the article. Which at times makes it seem like the article is actually about MechanicWeb more than choosing a web hosting provider.

PHP Benchmark Noise %

https://www.webwhim.co.uk/how-to-select-a-wordpress-hosting-provider/#:~:text=Above is the,Google Compute Engine


  • 12-17-2021 – Talked about PHP Benchmark %

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