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WP Ultimo Version 1, Increase Page Loads and cURL timeouts for


I have a customer running WP Ultimo Version 1, specifically the latest version of their 1.x.x branch which is 1.10.18 and they were getting 30-second page loads no matter the page. The server load was high, but it didn’t make sense that the page loads were so high. I did upgrade their instance just as a quick measure for troubleshooting, and no difference. So I started digging further into WordPress, something was delaying the loads.


Typically I set up php-fpm slow log, but this customer was running Openlitespeed, and unfortunately, LSAPI_SLOW_REQ_MSECS doesn’t work with Openlitespeed. So I turned to the trusty Query Monitor.

From there, I found that there I found the following issues API was timing out after 5000 secs.

The plugin in question was wp-ultimo, I blocked out the license key but the request looks to be verifying licensing information. The functions are as follows.



Upon further investigation, the link is no longer working. I ran a curl on the and the sub-domain seems to be not responding at all.

But how do we fix this? You can go through the code and comment out anything that relates to get_remote_addons_count() or $this->get_remote_golden_ticket(); which is another function that was causing the same problem.

Option #1 – Update /etc/hosts file

If you’re running a VPS or bare metal instance, you can simply edit your /etc/hosts file if you have root and add the following.

# Fix ultimo issue

This will essentially point to your local server which will return a response, versus not returning a response and timing out. This isn’t a good long term resolution, I’m looking at developing a mu-plugin to disable the remote check. But for now, this works.

Option #2 – Hook into Transient Data Before it’s Retrieved

With WordPress, you can hook into any transient data before it’s retrieved and affect the value using the pre_site_transiet_ function.

pre_site_transient_{$transient} | Hook | WordPress Developer Resources
Filters the value of an existing site transient before it is retrieved.
/* wu_golden_ticket */
function wu_gold_ticket_return_true($value, $transient) {
    if ($transient === 'wu_golden_ticket') {
        return true;
    return $value; // Return original value for other transients
add_filter('pre_site_transient_wu_golden_ticket', 'wu_gold_ticket_return_true', 10, 2);

    /* wu_saved_ff_count */
function wu_saved_ff_count_return_true($value, $transient) {
    if ($transient === 'wu_saved_ff_count') {
        return "10";
    return $value; // Return original value for other transients
add_filter('pre_site_transient_wu_saved_ff_count', 'wu_saved_ff_count_return_true', 10, 2);

So with the following code we can change the value of both wu_golden_ticket and wu_saved_ff_count to true and skip the process of reaching out to the now disabled domain that takes 5 seconds to timeout.

Option #3 – Upgrade to Ultimo 2.x.x

Another solution is to upgrade to WP Ultimo 2.x.x where this most likely isn’t occuring.