GridPane Local Backups (Borg v1)

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The following commands change how your GridPane server functions. This may void any support provide by GridPane, use at your own discretion. If you contact GridPane support, inform them that you made these changes.


GridPane’s Backup v1 System is no longer available and replaced by their v2 Backup system using duplicacy and this article is simply available as a point of reference.

The following article provides details on how local backups are completed when using GridPane.

Backup Location

The location of the local backups are within the following folder


There are two subfolders.

  • Databases – Database dumps.
  • Snapshots – Borg snapshots.


The current method for backup up files is borg backup, you can read more about borg here There is a cronjob that is kicked off under the root user

0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/gpbup

You’ll see the command expands to the following.

/usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/borg create --stats --compression lz4 /opt/gridpane/backups/{now:%Y-%m-%d-%H} /var/www/
 --exclude *.img --exclude *.iso --exclude *.wpress --exclude *.tar --exclude *.zip --exclude *.gz

I’m not too sure how the database backups are completed, I’m assuming mysqldump.


If you want to see a list of the snapshots available via borg, you can run the following command. You will however have to enter in the authentication key which is located in the file /root/gridpane.token However, be careful as this is your GridPane API key.

borg list /opt/gridpane/backups/snapshots

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