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How to Silence Netdata Alarms

Understanding Netdata Alarms Before silencing an alarm, it’s crucial to understand how Netdata alarms work. Netdata provides a set of predefined alarms and allows users to customize or create new ones. Each alarm is defined in a .conf file located in the health.d directory of your Netdata installation, typically found…
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Enhance Hosting Limitations

Notice This is a live document and as such it will be updated from time to time Current Issues with Enhance The following page is tracking issues I’ve found with Enhance. Backups S3 Backups Don’t Support Streaming The S3 backups create a backup of a site, before pushing it to…
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Common WordPress Cloudflare WAF (Web Application Firewall) Rules

Introduction If you’re using Cloudflare’s WAF, then you’ve probably got a good amount of rules already setup or maybe just one. The following article provides a number of common Cloudflare WAF (Web Application Firewall) rules that you can use on your site. Please Read Before you Deploy Any WAF Rules…
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Using Snapshooter with WordPress

Accessing Backups Directly You can access your backups directly by either visiting your storage providers website, logging in and browsing the storage bucket. You can also use ExpanDrive and mount the bucket as a drive in your operating system in either Windows or macOS. Folder Naming Scheme There is a…
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Migrating a Large WordPress Site

Intro So you want to move a large website? 30GB? 50GB? maybe even 200GB? You have options, and I’m going to go over them each here. First, Plugin or Manual? PHP based Plugin Backups are Good but not Great There’s a number of WordPress backup and restore plugins that you…
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Inside Cloudflare’s Power Outage Ordeal: My Take on the Unprecedented Two-Day Service Challenge at the Main Data Center

Introduction On Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, at 11:43 UTC, Cloudflare had an outage that affected several of their services, either completely offline or partially operational. Overall, you couldn’t change the configuration of Cloudflare services, access the Cloudflare Dashboard or API, or view analytics or logs. For example, there were no…
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Why should you use sudo?

Introduction There was a question on the popular GridPane Facebook Group asking about login in as the system user for each site when setting up cronjobs. The discussion then proceeded to use sudo versus logging in as root. What’s sudo? Here’s a good explanation from the first return on google.com…
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Cloudflare Recommended Settings and Caveats

Introduction The following article stemmed from a Facebook post in which Alexander van Aken posted his recommendations for Cloudflare settings. I’ve updated those to define where the settings are located correctly and any caveats you might run into. DNS DNSSEC -> Enabled No caveats at this time. SSL/TLS Overview SSL/TLS…
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